Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009


Exams are here again.It seems like the day one exams end,the others start.Dammit!!!But anyway have to keep studying..its the only way.So nothing much going on right now.Just glaring at the books and blanking brain is like blank now...nothing coming I am just gonna stop blabbering and go sleep...exams end in 2 days=)I promise to write a full-fleged blog then...until then...chao and cheers.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

m bak!!!

well for a little while......exams are around the corner(AGAIN!!).....n nowhere to run to.Ever wished there was a parallel universe you could go to where time would stop or at the most slow down??I do everyday.There is only one thing that is keeping me more mnth and I get to go back home...drumrolls pls.....for TWO whole months..yay!!anyway gota go...but heres a joke first: A uniersity student decided to research on fleas for his final paper.He ot a specimen and placed it inside a glass container.He ordered it to jump.He recorded the flea's speed and the maximum height it could jump to.Then he cut off the fleas legs.Again he instructed it to jump.But the flea stayed immobile.He pondered upon it a lot and came to the conclusion- Once you cut off a flea's legs, it becomes DEAF.......!!!'I laughed at this one for many many xD....chao n cheers!!!
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Monday, August 31, 2009

pics from the singapore street art festival!!!

Luved the exhibition-cum-sale!!!here are some pics.more cumin up ltr.njoy!!

its rainin..finally!!

Finally after weeks of scorching sun i finally got to see some dark clouds and believe me it feels good!!Today was spent lazing on my bed, trying to read "jane Eyre' and failing miserably.I mean what is the matter with me???I used to be able to finish 1 book in maximum 2 days and now its been 2 months and I am still stuck on this.Watched some videos and did some math sums.The first one was great but the second one...not that fun.Have to write an essay on 'Importance on animals in scientific development'.Waiting for some inspiration. If you have any ideas please oh please share with me!!!Ohk gotta go.Bye and thnx for reading.
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HappY TeacherS' DaY!!!!!

Here is my class video....take a look...btw I am a secondary student currently studying in Singapore.Its for Teachers' Day.We had a school concert on the occasion.Really really fun!!!!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Really....its the most satifying thing to do!!!!I went to a mall today to get a dress for my friend and boy did I have a good time.I saw and tried dresses aand saw these really cool t-sgirts which, even though were too expensive to ppurchase, weere worth takin a pic.Here are a few I saw: 
Especially love the Stop Following Me one....Funny!!!!Anyway got a lot to do and very little time to do it so am not gonna spend too much of it here....And yeah heres a pic of me(for the first time!!!) @ a
Da Vinci Exhibition which was really fun.Thats me trying to show that I am carrying the weight of the sphere on my shoulders. Cool huh???Ohk now I kinda have to go....Be back later today most probably to post further updates.Until thn....LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!!Cheers!!! <3 ayushi